Tuesday Tips: How to Earn up to 1,500 Bonus Points with April Monthly Goals!

UPDATE: Due to issues with the consolidation of MyPoints Video and Daily Scoop into Watch, we are unable to apply completed playlists for those activities towards Watch goals for April 1st and April 2nd, but we are watching to include them for April 3rd on.

For April, US members can earn up to 1,500 Bonus Points and Canadian members can earn up to 1,250 Points for their Monthly Goals.

Submit your April Monthly Goals by 11:59 pm PT on April 7, 2020 and complete your goals by 11:59 pm PT on April 30, 2020 to get your bonus.

As most of us are practicing social distancing, we’ve eliminated any activities that require an in-store purchase. Also, per yesterday’s blog post, MyPoints Video is being consolidated with nCrave and Daily Scoop as MyPoints Watch, so there will be only one video-related activity starting in April. Activities in the Daily 5 will also be affected by this change, so please adjust your goals accordingly.

Activities for April include:

Daily 5: You must complete at least 7 Daily 5 lists to participate in the Monthly Goals Bonus. The Daily 5 is a list of eight MyPoints activities for which you will earn 5 Points if you complete 5 of the 8 on any given day.

PLEASE NOTE: The Daily 5 will change sometime in April to consolidate MyPoints Video and nCrave under one activity: MyPoints Watch. Activate Score! will be a full-time option for your Daily 5 and adding an In-Store Deal to your shopping list will be an activity on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays, linking an In-Store Shopping offer will be an activity on Wednesdays and Saturdays and adding a Shoply (mobile app) offer will be an option for Tuesdays and Fridays. Daily Poll, Visit the Featured Merchant, Attempt or Complete a Survey and Complete a Discover offer will remain the same.

Surveys (optional): SurveyZone surveys completed from April 1 through April 30 count towards this goal. Peanut Labs surveys taken via MyPoints Deals, Guaranteed Incentive surveys, surveys where the completion award is fewer than 6 Points and those with delayed crediting do NOT count towards this goal.

Watch Playlists (optional): Every Watch Playlist or Daily Scoop mobile playlist you complete between April 1 and April 30 will count towards this goal. Sponsored videos will not count towards this goal. Keep in mind video inventory can fluctuate, so take care when setting this goal. There will be at least one guaranteed Watch Playlist per member per day. If you are an iOS user (iPhone/iPad), please note that the Daily Scoop is no longer available for your device, so set your Watch Playlist goals accordingly.

Grocery coupon prints (optional): This is the number of grocery coupons printed (and credited) between April 1 and April 30. MyPoints relies on data from Coupons.com to award for coupon prints and redemptions, so if you have had issues getting credit for coupon prints, please keep that in mind when setting this goal. Also note that Coupon prints will be delayed showing up on your Progress Tracker for up to 48 business hours.

As with Surveys and Watch, please keep in mind coupon inventory can fluctuate–especially given there have been fewer manufacturers coupons available with people quarantined during the COVID-19 crisis.

MyGiftCardsPlus gift card transactions (US Only – optional): This is the only activity that requires a purchase. MyGiftCardsPlus aggregates purchases made during the same transaction, so if you are setting a goal greater than 1 for this activity, please make sure you make your purchases in separate transactions.

Add an In-Store Deal to your list: Add up to 10 In-Store Deals to your shopping list to receive Bonus Points! (US Only –No purchase necessary)

Link an In-Store Shopping offer to your credit card: Add a maximum of ONE In-Store Shopping offer to your MyPoints wallet to complete this activity. (No purchase necessary) (US Only)

REMEMBER: All activities completed between midnight PT on 4/1 through 11:59 pm PT on 4/30 will count towards your Monthly Goals regardless of when you submit.

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