Tuesday Tips: How Do Guaranteed Incentive Surveys Work?

If you’ve taken a MyPoints Survey, you know that the standard process is to answer some basic screening questions to determine if you are eligible to take the survey, then more in-depth questions for until you qualify and complete the survey or are disqualified.

Being disqualified from a survey can be frustrating. It can occur if you don’t meet the demographic requirements or if your demographic quota has been met or if you provide inaccurate or inconsistent responses.

For some members, there are surveys for which disqualification will not occur. These are “Guaranteed Incentive” surveys.

Guaranteed Incentive surveys are MyPoints internal surveys, which means they are not for a third-party survey provider by for MyPoints. This not only means you won’t have to worry about being disqualified after entering a lot of information, but it also means that MyPoints is not being paid by a partner for the survey’s completion.

You can tell if a survey is a Guaranteed Incentive survey because there will be a purple badge next to it on your Survey Dashboard:

Because these are guaranteed Points for which we receive no revenue, Guaranteed Incentive surveys will NOT count against your Monthly Goals and only count as a Survey Attempt for the Daily 5.

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