Friday Round Up: Good News/Bad News Edition

There doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel yet with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic and GO Banking Rates has a list of 22 things that are disappearing rapidly (not including our patience!) due to the crisis.

 The coronavirus pandemic has radically altered nearly every aspect of everyday life that people once took for granted. Activities and commodities that were standard just a handful of months ago have become scarce, if not impossible to access. Everything from paper money and coins to buffet restaurants and live concerts are becoming dim and distant memories for Americans.

On a brighter note Money Talks News lists 9 things that are cheaper due to the Coronavirus and US News posts about 4 refunds you may be able to get during the pandemic.

MSN Money reports that the US is experiencing an aluminum shorting which in turn may lead to your favorite beers going out of stock.

But who needs beer when it’s National Tequila Day? Check out this Business Insider post of 25 tequila-based cocktails to make this weekend.

Finally, news to warm your heart: the latest US Powerball winner made a pact with a friend 28 years again to split the winnings should either of their numbers pay off. The two Wisconsin residents will split a $22 million jackpot.

Here’s wishing you a much more good than bad weekend!

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