Friday Round-Up: Hot in the City Edition

We’ve reached the dog days of Summer and I’m not sure what our canine friends ever did to be associated with oppressively sweltering weather.

How hot is it? Just last Sunday, Death Valley hit 130 degrees. That may be a World Record highest temperature for August according to the Washington Post.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, many are breaking quarantine for Summer vacation all over the world and per this New York Times opinion article, the world will end up paying the price with Winter lockdowns.

For those of us still complying with quarantine, remote work burnout is setting in. This CNBC piece offers tips on how to manage it.

Kids come up with ingenious (and fun!) ways to beat the heat, but if a recently purchased Super Soaker is part of your child’s Summer toy arsenal, be aware that more than 52,000 sold at Target are being recalled by Hasbro for exceeding Federal lead content guidelines.

Endgadget reports that Tesla wants to use radar sensors to detect kids left in hot cars. The article notes that over 50 children died inside hot cars in 2019. (If you’ve never read Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten’s Pulitzer Prize-winning 2009 article on this subject, you should do so immediately.)

Finally, Michelle Obama DNC appearance created a lot of buzz on social media with her choice of jewelry garnering almost as much heat as the content of her speech. CNET reports on the designer of the VOTE necklace which captured so much attention.

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