How to Claim Your 7-Day Challenge Bonus

Once you’ve completed your 7-Day Challenge, don’t forget to claim your Bonus Points!

Just navigate to your 7-Day Challenge page:

If you complete your 7-Day Challenge goals prior to the end of the challenge period, the orange Claim button will appear at the top of the page just like with Monthly Goals.

If your Progress Tracker doesn’t update until after the goal period has ended, you will need to click the See past goals link:

Then click on any date that the 7-Day Challenge was active. For example, if the Challenge started on August 17 and ended on August 23, you can click on any date between and including those two dates:

Click on the date and you’ll be taken back to your Progress Tracker where you can click the orange Claim button at the top of the page to collect your Bonus Points.

PLEASE NOTE: There may be a lag in completing an activity and your Progress Tracker updating. Keep in mind that your Progress Tracker updates every 24 hours from the last time you view the update.

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