Rewarding Moments: October 15, 2020

This week’s Rewarding Moment comes from Nancy Tucker, who just celebrated her one-year anniversary as a MyPoints member!

Here is her story:

“I had just found and thought it would be fun to earn gift cards just for sharing my opinions.

Not long after I started with MyPoints, I had a heart attack. It was a mild one but it scared me to my core.

A couple months later, I lost my job. They said it was I couldn’t be there full time everyday. I only missed work because of medical testing, doctors appointments, and such.

I had been employed for the last couple years and had just gotten a pay raise the month before my heart attack. But just like that, they fired me anyway. It was just before Christmas and I was devastated.

A week or so went by and I was so depressed that I would not be able to get Christmas gifts for my grandchildren. But then BAM!!! just like a light bulb had turned on in my head !

I had rewards from MyPoints. I thought of using the MyPoints rewards I had earned to get Christmas gifts for my grandkids. I didn’t realize at that moment, I did not have enough time to earn enough Points to provide gifts to all my grandchildren, but I knew the answer was somewhere in the MyPoints gift cards.

And it was! I used the points I had for Amazon gift cards. And through Amazon, I purchased items to make floral arrangements and homemade soaps. I then turned around and sold the arrangements and soaps and made enough money to buy all of the grandchildren Christmas gifts.

I also had enough soaps to give as gifts to my friends. MyPoints saved my Christmas that year. I am forever thankful.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Nancy! In appreciation, we’ve added 1,500 Points to your account.

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