Tuesday Tips: Updates to Your To-Do List

You can earn 5 Points each day for completing 5 items on your To-Do List plus another 5 Point Bonus if you complete all the items on the list! On Mondays, you have a chance to earn a supersized bonus for completing all items–including uploading a receipt.

Starting this Thursday, there will be a few alterations to your To-Do List with some new activities and a fresh list each and every day!

What will stay the same:

  • Surveys: You can check one off your To-Do List when you attempt a survey as long as you earn disqualification Points. If you are able to complete the survey, you will check TWO items off your List!
  • Daily Poll: Vote and earn 1 Point plus check another item off your To-Do List.
  • Visit the Featured Merchant: Just click to visit the day’s featured merchant and check one off your To-Do List.
  • Earn Points from Discover: Complete any Discover offer and check one off your list when the unpended Points credit.
  • Meet your Daily Goal: Unlike the To-Do List, the Daily Goal is Points-based, not activity-based. So completing your To-Do List may or may not assist in completing your Daily Goal. Completing your Daily Goal, however, will check another item off your To-Do List.

What will change:

  • Add a Deal: Previously this activity rotated among adding an In-Store Deal or a Shoply Deal or linking an In-Store Shopping offer. The In-Store Shopping offer will not be in the rotation, so to complete this item you need to add an In-Store Deal to your Shopping List (no purchase or upload required) on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays or Sundays or add a Shoply deal (also no purchase or upload required) on Wednesdays or Saturdays.
  • Activate Score!: This was previously a daily activity, but will change to be an activity on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
  • Uploading a Receipt: Previously this activity was added on Mondays only, but it will also be an activity on Saturdays as well, replacing Activate Score! on that day. So now you’ll be able to supersize your bonus on both Mondays AND Saturdays!
  • Visit Coupons: This activity will replace Activate Score! on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For more tips on how to complete your To-Do List, check out this blog post.

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