Tuesday Tips: How to Earn 20% More for Completing Your To-Do List

In May, we added a way for members to DOUBLE their To-Do List earnings by adding the option to complete all items on your To-Do List and get an additional 5 Points.

Last week, we introduced the ability to earn 3 Points for each shopping receipt you upload from any of over one thousand retailers.

Starting Monday, August 10th, your To-Do List will now feature: Upload A Receipt as a replacement for Add an In-Store Deal. There are three ways you can check off this item:

  1. Upload an In-Store Deals Receipt
  2. Upload a Shoply receipt
  3. Upload a receipt through your survey page

Not only will you receive Points for your upload, you’ll check one off your To-Do List. Plus, we’re increasing the To-Do List Bonus from 10 Points to 12 Points on Mondays!

You’ll still earn 5 Points for completing any 5 items. On Mondays, that additional bonus for completing all To-Do List tasks will increase to 7 Points for a total of 12 Points for completing your list.

This extra bonus and new activity will be Mondays ONLY. The rest of the week (Tuesday through Sunday), you can earn an additional 5 Points for completing ALL items on your To-Do List.

So save at least one shopping receipt to upload on Mondays and get a bigger bonus for completing your To-Do List!

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