Get Ready for a MyPoints BINGO Extravaganza!

Starting Friday, November 20th, you can pre-register for yet another BINGO Board worth up to 250 Points! Canadian members can play as well this go round for a maximum of 150 Bonus Points.

With the holiday season upon us, this will be a shopping-themed Board. In addition to visiting merchants through the Board or activating Score! to mark off squares, other activities will include:

This Board will be active from midnight on Monday, November 23 through 11 pm PT on November 26th. If you wish to mark off the Print Coupons square and upload any receipts, be sure to do so as soon as possible!

You’ll have two other opportunities to earn up to 250 Points each with two more BINGO Boards which will run from midnight on Friday, November 27th through 11 pm PT on Sunday, November 29th for Black Friday and midnight on Monday, November 30th through 11 pm PT on Friday, December 4th for Cyber Monday/Cyber Week.

There will be no pre-registration periods for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday/Cyber Week Boards, so make sure to join as soon as the Boards are active!

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