Why Does the Option to Upload an Everyday Receipt Keep Disappearing?

While Magic Receipts offers BIG Points for buying specific products from participating retailers, your next trip to the grocery store, drugstore or any of over 1,500 US and Canadian retailers can still be rewarding!

Many of you are earning 3 Points for every receipt you successfully upload through MyPoints Surveys. Some of you, however, may have noticed that the option to upload might disappear at times.

This is because there is a weekly cap on the number of receipts each member can receive credit for. Once you’ve hit the maximum for the week, your ability to upload additional receipts will be temporarily disabled.

Once the period resets (usually on Fridays, but could be on Mondays or later depending on holidays, etc.), you will be able to upload receipts and earn Points again.

For more details on uploading receipts, check out this blog post!

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