Tuesday Tips: Why Does My Daily Goal Say I’ve Earned No Bonus Points for the Prior Month?

You’ve worked hard to complete your Daily Goal everyday. Maybe you’ve earned a streak or two, maybe you’ve become a monthly master by completing your goal each day.

But on the first of the following month when you check your Daily Goal, it says “You have no Bonus Points to claim from last month.”

What gives?

Although the streak calculations are automated, the process to calculate your Daily Goal Bonus is manual. So there may be a delay from when the prior month ends and that process is manually run.

This delay could be hours if the first falls on a weekday or take several days if the first falls on a weekend or over a holiday.

Despite this delay, your Bonus Points will be made available to claim starting on the fifth day of the following month through the 15th.

We realized the messaging is confusing, however, and will be updating it to let you know that your Bonus is being calculated rather than that you have no Bonus Points to claim.

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