Get Ready to Blast Off with MyPoints BINGO!

It’s our first BINGO Board of 2021 so get ready to earn up to 250 Bonus Points (150 Points for Canadian members)!

BINGO pre-registration will begin at 8 am on Friday, January 8th and the Board will begin at 8 am on Monday, January 11th.

You can join any time before the submission deadline which is 11 pm on Friday, January 15th, but only the activities that you do AFTER you join count towards your Bonus.

Activities will include:


Clicking through the Board to visit a variety of Shop merchants

Visiting a specified merchant and activating the Score! banner

Redeeming a Point Perk

Earning Points from a MyPoints Deals/Discover offer (including pending)

Uploading an everyday receipt through MyPoints Surveys

US only

Adding specific Magic Receipt offers to your shopping list

Logging into the Shoply app (you may need to logout and back in again to check this off!)

Purchasing a gift card from MyGiftCardsPlus

Adding a Dining Deal

Linking an In-Store Shopping offer

CA only

Attempting a Survey from your desktop

Earn Points via MyPoints Search

Complete all items on your To-Do List

Refer a Friend to MyPoints

Earn Points from Watch

Complete your Daily Goal

Complete a Survey

You must submit your completed pattern by 11 pm PT on Friday, January 15th to claim your bonus. For details on how to submit, check out this blog post.

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