Earn More with Daily Goal Streaks!

MyPoints Daily Goal is yet another way to earn bonus Points for participating in the MyPoints program everyday.

Recently we increased the bonus incentives for 5 and 7-day streaks to make achieving your Daily Goal consistently more rewarding!

Previously, if you completed your Daily Goal for 5 days in a row, you earned a 10 Point Bonus in addition to accumulating Daily Goal bonus Points. NOW you can earn a 25 Point Bonus anytime you hit a 5-day streak of completing your Daily Goal during the month.

We’ve also DOUBLED the bonus for completing any 7-day streak during the month from 25 Points to 50 Points.

Please note that the Daily Goal bonuses are tiered, not additive meaning that as you extend your streak, you attain the bonus for that level. You can, however, achieve multiple 5-day, 7-day and even 14-day streaks within the same month, but once you achieve a 7-day streak, your streak bonus goes from 25 Points to 50 Points, not 25 Points plus 50 Points.

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