Tuesday Tips: Why Does My Daily Goal Keep Increasing?

If you are consistently achieving your Daily Goal, you may have noticed that the threshold for completing it can vary from day-to-day and that it has increased significantly from when you started doing it.

This is by design to keep members active and engaged so that they can earn Points and get rewarded quickly and frequently.

Two things to keep in mind regarding the Daily Goal:

  1. As your Daily Goal increases, so do the Daily Bonus Points you accumulate for completing it. You may have started with an easy Daily Goal and earned 2-3 Points for achieving, but with a higher goal comes bigger bonuses which be 5-7 Points each day.
  2. There is a maximum threshold for your Daily Goal, so it will never go higher than a certain amount. So you can keep earning Points without worrying that it will cause your Daily Goal to be completely unattainable.

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