So You Want to Make Money Writing Online: 6 Tips to Make Money as a Writer

If you’re interested in getting paid to write (brochures, blog posts, articles, and more), it’s not that hard to get started. True, you won’t be able to command superstar rates. But companies have more writing projects than they have write to complete them.

After all, with the Internet you need so much more written copy: website, landing pages, ads, product descriptions, SEO writing, a company blog, social media presence, and more. And all of this copy needs to get updated. And often. 

There are many opportunities to get started in this field by picking up freelance writing work. Earn money for writing pieces without leaving home. This makes writing a very parent-friendly side hustle.

So, how to start? How do you go about increasing your income when you haven’t made any money writing? Follow these six tips to start making money online.

1. Social Media Writing

Many companies will use social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to keep their audiences engaged in their brand online. This form of written content is short, punchy, and attention-grabbing.

Writing for social media typically involves a type of writing called “copywriting” – a persuasive form of writing that is intended to sell something. When it comes to posts or ads on platforms such as Facebook, you need to convey a powerful and engaging message in fewer than 100 words.

That doesn’t seem like much but, if you have the writing skills, you could earn a couple hundreds here and there for securing a gig like this.

Get started by browsing writing job boards for social media writing job posts and checkout freelance writing sites. Many, like Upwork or Fiverr, will offer you a bonus to get started. They always need more solid gig-workers.

2. Blogging

While it seems like every person and their dog has a blog nowadays, running a successful blog and making money from it takes good writing skills and can be extremely lucrative.

Blog posts need to be formatted in a way that makes them easy for the reader to read. The content also has to be engaging, seamlessly blending a story and personal experience with a solution to the reader’s problem.

Once you can nail a writing style that draws in readers and increases traffic, you can then monetize your blog and make money! Ad placements and affiliate products are a great way to generate revenue from your blog’s content.

If you’re not interested in having your own blog, but have the writing skills, you can offer your services to other blogs that require content. Many business owners who have websites don’t have the time (or the skills) to write their own posts and will pay writers to do this for them.

Additionally, be open to trades and getting gift cards, free services, or free product in exchange for your services.

3. Make Money on Medium

Medium is described as being the YouTube of writing. It’s a platform for writers to share articles but you can also use a partner program to earn money when paying members read your stories. You can also earn commissions when people who have read your stories sign up for a membership.

As you can see, writing on Medium is different from writing on a blog since they have structures in place to help you earn money!

Although some writers on Medium make $1000 or more per month, finding financial success on this platform does take time. You can expect to spend a year or two building up your audience and earning money.

In order to do so, make sure you are writing consistently. The best thing about Medium is that, even though stories should be well-researched and provide valuable information, there are just that: stories. You can write in first-person and share your experiences, which is usually easier and less time-consuming than writing purely informative articles.

4. Get Into the Freelance Hustle

So far we’ve looked at ways to make money online as a writer that requires you to really buckle down and write. However, there are quick and easy jobs out there that can help you build up your experience and skills.

Sites like SolidGigs, Freelancer, and PeoplePerHour allow you to offer or pick up writing “gigs”. These are usually quick, one-off jobs for short-term clients. The pay is not extravagant but the experience you gain is invaluable and can be added to your portfolio or resume.

Set your rates low to get started so you can attract your first clients and build up some reviews. Jobs with “writer” in the title can be competitive, so be flexible. Look for titles like “virtual assistant” or “communications specialist” too.

You’ll find loads of communication and writing jobs posted. Plus, you never know if a short-term relationship with a buyer on these sites will evolve into a long-term one. And in addition to writing, you can find plenty of other gigs to work online and make money.

5. Look for Full-Time Jobs that Involve Writing

Not all writing jobs have “writer” in the title but involve a lot of writing. So, if you’re looking for a job as a new graduate or want a safe and friendly career shift, look for full-time positions that involve writing such as:

Communications Specialist: Communication specialists oversee and create various types of corporate communications and marketing materials such as press releases, articles, newsletters, and email campaigns.

Translator: If you are fluent in more than one language, you can work as a translator in fields such as law, healthcare, and education. 

Editor: Editors not only correct mistakes in a piece of text but can also be required to rewrite sections to ensure the piece is consistent and accurate.

Many times, jobs with “marketing” in the title are a very safe bet. Because everyone needs “copy” or written communications. With writing, there are endless nitty-gritty tasks that every company needs to get done.   Whether it’s SEO copy for JCPenney coupon code pages or pamphlets for the CDC, every organization needs written communications. And it could be a launching pad for something big; famed comedian and SNL writer John Mulaney got his start writing catalog product descriptions.

6. Tap into Social Networks

In the world of freelance writing, networking plays a huge role in connecting with potential clients who share similar interests or require specific topics in your niche of expertise.

You can do this by networking in Facebook groups and other online form groups that focus on the niche you write in. 

You should also try to network with other freelance writers. Again, this isn’t a competitive field – you can learn a lot from fellow freelancers or pick up some writing jobs that they aren’t interested in.

Don’t forget to also use your social media profiles to market your writing services. List your services in your bio, use a professional headshot and a link to your professional website (if you have one).

Ready to Make Money as a Writer?

Now that you have some ideas of how to make money online by writing, it’s time to get out there and get paid!

With so many strategies out there for freelance writers to earn an income, you’re to find the path that will lead you to success.

s a good rule of thumb, give yourself about three months on each path before trying a new strategy. And if you get stuck, with writer’s block or otherwise, remember the immortal advice of Ernest Hemingway: All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.

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