Tuesday Tips: What’s the Difference between Partial To-Do List & Full To-Do List?

When we first launched the To-Do List as the “Daily 5,” members could complete 5 of 8 items and earn 5 Points each day.

The ability to earn 5 Points after completing 5 activities on your To-Do List remains, but we added the ability to earn ANOTHER 5 Points when you complete ALL items on your To-Do List.

Completing 5 items (partial) and all items (full) are also activities one can set as 7-Day Challenge goals or mark off for MyPoints BINGO and recently we’ve discovered there is some confusion regarding these activities.

If you are setting goals for To-Do List activities, keep in mind that completing your FULL To-Do list (all items) means you are also credited for completing your partial To-Do List at the same time.

It’s similar to when you complete a survey for your To-Do List or BINGO Board, you will be credited for attempting a survey as well.

So if you’re able to complete ALL items on your To-Do List everyday and you set your 7-Day Challenge goals for 7 Full To-Do List completions, you should also set your goal for partial To-Do List to 7 as well.

If you’re not able to complete ALL items on your To-Do List everyday, set that goal for the number of days you can check off all items–whether it be on days where Score! is not an activity or days where you aren’t required to upload a receipt.

Then calculate how many days you are able to complete 5 of the activities on your To-Do List for the partial completion goal. That number should be at least equal to the number of times you are able to complete your full list as completing your full list means you’ve completed your partial list as well.

If you are able to complete 5 of the activities more often than all of the items, your partial To-Do List completion goal should be higher than your full To-Do List completion goal.

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