Tuesday Tips: How to Complete Your Daily Goal

If you’re not completing your Daily Goal on a regular basis, you’re missing out on accumulating daily Bonus Points plus Bonuses of up to 300 Points for completing Daily Goal streaks.

Here are some tips for hitting your goal everyday:

  1. Check out how many Points you need to earn by seeing what your Daily Goal is for that day.
  2. Complete a Survey: No matter what your Daily Goal is for the day, the fastest way to accumulate Points to reach it is by completing one or more surveys. Even if you don’t complete a survey, you can earn up to 25 Points a day just for attempting surveys. Depending on what your Daily Goal is, this could put you close to reaching it.
  3. Complete a Discover sign up offer: At times MyPoints Deals can offer 25 to 100 Points for offers that only require a sign up. These offers usually credit instantly.
  4. Print coupons: Although coupon print Points credit the next business day, if you plan ahead you can make a dent in your Daily Goal–if not complete it entirely.
  5. Watch playlists: If you’re getting close to reaching your goal, watch playlists can put you over the top. In the homepage carousel, there’s an easy playlist worth 6 Points and pinned to the top of our Facebook page is a link that can be repeated up to 10 times. That’s 16 Points right there! There are also a number of easy playlists on the Watch page and 2-page playlists available on our mobile site.
  6. BonusMail: If you get a BonusMail offering 5 Points for clicking, those Points count towards your Daily Goal!
  7. BINGO Bonus: Time your Board submission just right because once you claim your Bonus, it counts towards your Daily Goal!
  8. Upload receipts: You can earn 3 Points for everyday receipts and up to 1,700 for completing Magic Receipts offers which should credit to your account immediately.
  9. Pending Points: Once your shopping or Discover offers unpend, the Points earned will be applied to your Daily Goal.

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