Rewarding Moments: February 4, 2021

This week’s Rewarding Moment comes from John Mills who has been a member since November 1999!

His favorite ways to earn Points include shopping, surveys, BINGO, the 7-Day Challenge, and the To-Do List.

This is his story:

“I was able to save enough Points to purchase for my niece an Apple tablet and keyboard for school

She could not afford one and was kind of embarrassed in class using my older mini tablet.

The school is not offering or providing tablets or laptops to rent for the students. S

She was so happy with the early Christmas gift – and as I always knew I am always her favorite uncle.

Joan doesn’t have a dad as my brother passed away many years ago, so I have been trying to help as much as I can. Thank you MyPoints for your help with this.”

Thanks for sharing your story, John! We are so happy we were able to help you be the “favorite uncle.” In appreciation, we’ve added 1,500 Points to your account.

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