Tuesday Tips: What’s Going on with my Challenge Progress Tracker?

Recently we made changes to the 7-Day Challenge including making the Progress Tracker update in real time vs. every 24 hours.

Unfortunately, some of the improvement made have caused issues with the Tracker’s accuracy in reporting data for some members.

We are working hard to identify and fix the issues, but to ensure that members participating in this month’s 7-Day Challenge aren’t adversely affected by this issue, we will be using reporting that pulls the data directly from your account ledger vs. the progress tracker and manually crediting your Challenge bonuses after the Challenge period ends.

This means that your Claim Bonus button will not appear this month, but instead we will award all bonuses after the final deadline–hopefully by Tuesday at the latest, although we may wait to make sure pending Magic Receipt uploads are credited before bonuses are awarded.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience!

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