Rewarding Moments: July 8, 2021

This week’s Rewarding Moment comes from J.D. Prowse who joined MyPoints in April 2018 at the suggestion of his girlfriend.

His favorite way to earn is through the great coupons.

This is his story:

MyPoints is really is the combination of the best of online deals and point earning.

While shopping, I meet others in line who ask about all the coupons I use. I tell them about MyPoints and if they want to give me their email, I can send a referral link. Most times I think they just get on their smart phones right away and check out the site.

Even the cashiers are interested, because the coupons really are great, for good products, and sampling some things that otherwise I may not pick up while shopping.

During this time of COVID the coupons are even more important to me since I no longer linger/browse physical locations, limit my shopping trips, and without the coupons alerting me to the new products from a manufacturer, I probably wouldn’t notice them.

With all the points I have earned from all the activities, I purchased a bee hive using Amazon gift cards. It is a fancy one, with the flow hive technology and I had to assemble it myself – I set out to earn this and it took about two years.

I plan on continuing to earn Points, and the next goal is an outdoor smoker/grill. While I am still a little ways away from the next goal, I know that with continued participation, my voice is heard through the consumer panels, entertaining videos continue to stream, coupons are available for the shopping I do, and the purchases I make online will continue to add to the Points bit by bit.

Thanks MyPoints for having a great site, great rewards, and letting our consumer voices be heard.”

Thanks for sharing your story, JD! We’ve added 1,500 Points to your account to get you closer to getting that grill.

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