Time for another 7-Day Challenge!

It’s time to set your goals again! This month’s Challenge begins on Monday, July 12th and runs through Sunday, July 18th.

You can set your goals starting today through Wednesday, July 14th–but keep in mind no activities are tracked until your goals have been submitted!

This means if you wait until the last minute on Wednesday to submit your goals, make sure to adjust for the fact that you will only have 4-5 days to complete them.


Full To-Do List completions: This means checking off ALL items on your To-Do List to earn Points. You must complete at least 3 Full To-Do Lists as a minimum. The maximum is 7. Minimum bonus for this activity is 35 Points, maximum bonus is 150 Points. For tips on completing your ToDo List, check out this blog post.

Meet Your Daily Goal: This is the number of times you will meet your Daily Goal Point threshold during the 7-Day Challenge. The maximum is 7. You must complete this at least once. The minimum bonus is 5 Points, the maximum is 75 Points. For tips on completing your Daily Goal, check out this blog post.

Complete Surveys: You must set a goal of at least 3 to participate. Maximum is 30. Minimum bonus is 20 Points, maximum is 300 Points.

Watch Playlists completed: This is an optional activity. The minimum bonus is 10 Points for a goal of 3 playlists, the maximum is 100 Points for 50 playlists.

Everyday (Survey) Receipts uploaded: This is optional. The minimum bonus is 3 Points for 1 receipt upload and the maximum is 10 with a total bonus of 30 Points.

Discover offers completed: This is an optional activity. The minimum bonus is 10 Points for 1 completion, the maximum is 70 Points for 7. For tips on completing MyPoints Deals/Discover offers, check out this blog post.

Adding Magic Receipt offer to your shopping list: The minimum requirement is 1 offer added for a minimum bonus of 5 Points. The maximum is 30 for a maximum bonus of 25 Points.

US Only:

Uploading a Magic Receipt: This is a required activity with a minimum of 1. The minimum bonus is 100 Points for one Magic Receipt upload, the maximum bonus is 350 for 7 receipt uploads. (Check out our deals for bread, bananas, apples, paper towels and more for easy ways to complete this activity!)

For tips on successfully uploading your receipt, check out this blog post. For reasons why your receipt was rejected, check out this blog post.

MyGiftCardsPlus transactions: This is an optional activity for the number of purchase transactions made at MyGiftCardsPlus. The minimum bonus is 50 Points for one transaction and the maximum bonus is 400 Points for 6 transactions. If you are setting a goal that’s greater than one, make sure that your purchases are made in SEPARATE transactions. To ensure your MGC+ transactions are credited to MyPoints, check out this blog post.

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