Tuesday Tips: How to Set Your 7-Day Challenge Goals

If you are a regular MyPoints user, you can earn BIG Bonuses each month by participating in our 7-Day Challenge!

The 7-Day Challenge usually starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. Pre-registration usually starts the preceding Friday and extends through the following Wednesday.

As with MyPoints BINGO, only activities that occur after goals are submitted count towards your progress–so if you submit your goals after the Challenge starts on Monday, adjust your goals or complete your activities accordingly.

Some activities will have a required minimum to participate, but most activities are optional. While you will want to challenge yourself to earn the biggest bonus possible, make sure to give yourself some wiggle room when setting your goals to ensure you can complete your goals and claim your Bonus.

If you’ve participated in the 7-Day Challenge previously, you can click the See past goals link to review how you did on past Challenges before setting your goals.

We’ve set maximum pledge levels on each activity to assist in setting realistic goals. These maximums are disclosed on the blog each month when pre-registration for the Challenge begins. If you are unable to submit your goals, make sure your goals do not exceed those maximums as outlined in the blog post.

Good luck and go get those bonus Points!

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