Rewarding Moments: July 15, 2021

This week’s Rewarding Moment comes from Sally Plummer who joined MyPoints way back in October 2000 (coming up on 21 years now!) via an invite from her brother.

Her favorite way to earn is by completing her Daily Goal.

This is her story:

“I normally read three or four books a week.

During this crazy pandemic, all the libraries near me were closed! I needed a project to keep me busy without my usual supply of books.

Not getting out of my car was so important (I am high risk) and MyPoints and Walmart made that possible!

Shopping on Walmart’s app reached through MyPoints Shop, I was able to purchase all the materials I needed to build a new Little Free Library and get Points!

Many of my neighbors are trading books now. (I have included a bottle of hand sanitizer.)”

See to search their map of more than 113,000 Little Free Libraries worldwide to find one near you.

Thanks for sharing your story, Sally! In appreciation, we’ve added 1,500 Points to your account so you can satisfy your book cravings.

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