Tuesday Tips: Why am I not getting credited for partial To-Do List completions?

In order to ensure members are actively engaged with the To-Do List, we have made it a requirement that they click through to the Deal of the Day in order to receive the 5 Point Bonus.

The four other activities are optional and can include voting in the Daily Poll, attempting a survey, completing a survey, etc.

If you are doing your To-Do List on a regular basis, make sure to click through to the Deal of the Day! It takes just a simple click and it checks one off your list and ensures that you receive the 5 Point Bonus when you complete at least four other items.

If you don’t not visit the Deal of the Day, then you will not receive the 5 Point Bonus even if you’ve completed 5 or more items on the list.

So make sure to check out the Deal of the Day for rewarding offers and to get those To-Do List Bonus Points!

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