Tuesday Tips: How to Report Issues related to BINGO or 7-Day Challenge

If you run into crediting issues while participating in MyPoints BINGO or the 7-Day Challenge, please contact our Member Services team.

If you are missing credit for an activity, submit your request via your activity ledger (select activity type and click “visited”). If the activity isn’t listed in your ledger, then submit a general ticket.

To get you to the right place, submit your ticket using this form and under “How can we help?,” select “I have a question about my Daily Activities (Search, Invite & Earn, Daily Goal, Daily List, Codes, Contests, Team Challenge, etc.)”

Then fill out the rest of the form with as much detail as possible and submit it.

If you receive an auto-response, reply to it to reopen the ticket and get it assigned to an agent.

If you don’t hear back from an agent, you can send us a private message on Facebook to follow-up, but please submit your request through our Member Services platform FIRST and provide the ticket number when following up.

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