Tuesday Tips: How to Read Your Activity Ledger

You may have noticed that your account statement has been overhauled. Here are some tips on how to use your activity ledger:

  1. As with the Account Statement, you can navigate to your activity ledger by clicking on the Point total in the upper right next to your name.
  2. The activity ledger defaults to a display of your posted activity for the last 7 days.
  3. Use the dropdown in the upper left to filter which activity you want to review or leave it set to All.
    • Bonus Points will display Points earned from Point Perks, To-Do List, BINGO, 7-Day Challenge, Daily Poll and Daily Goal.
    • Offers will display MyPoints Deals/Discover offers.
    • Receipts will display your Magic Receipt uploads. If you are looking for a receipt uploaded via your Survey page, select Surveys from the Activity dropdown.
    • Shop will display all your BonusMail clicks as well as online purchases made through MyPoints.
    • Redemptions will display all your redeemed rewards for whatever range you specify.
  4. Use the dropdown to the right of the Activity dropdown to select a different date range other than the last 7 days including filters for today, yesterday, last 3 days, last 30 days, last 60 days or input a custom date range.
  5. The Posted default displays only activities for which you’ve earned Points. To see activities for which you haven’t been awarded Points, including shop clicks, survey disqualifications after reaching maximum disqualification Points, etc., click on Visited.
  6. Click on the > to expand the activity and review details about the transaction. For activities for which you are missing credit, you can contact Customer Support via the relevant activity ledger transaction.

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