Tuesday Tips: Why Didn’t my Magic Receipts upload mark off my Bingo square?

There are two types of receipts MyPoints members can earn Points for: Magic Receipt offers and everyday/any receipts.

Magic Receipt offers require members to purchase a specified product from a participating retailer and to upload the corresponding receipt. These offers, which range from 3 Points to 7,650 Points, can be found on the Magic Receipts page and added to your shopping list.

Everyday/any receipts are just that: you can shop for any product(s) at one of over 1,700 retailers including grocery stores, drugstores, big box retailers, department stores and more and upload your receipt to earn 3 Points.

To make thing simple for members, we have consolidated both types of earning opportunities as part of the Magic Receipts page, but please note that uploading an everyday or any receipt without completing a specific Magic Receipts offer by buying a specific product from a participating retailer will not mark off the upload a Magic Receipt square in BINGO nor will it add to your progress tracker for the 7-Day Challenge.

In order to complete this goal or mark this square off, you must complete a Magic Receipts offer.

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