Rewarding Moments: September 30, 2021

This week’s Rewarding Moment comes to us from Christine Robbins who joined MyPoints just this past August after discovering us via an online help site.

Her favorite ways to earn are coupons and shopping where she already shops.

This is her story:

“The past two years have been really rough on my mental health and I am struggling with panic attacks on a daily basis. I used to love doing my job as a dental hygienist, but since COVID hit the scene I am nothing but a ball of nerves at work.

So I finally sought out help from a clinic and work with a healthy living group once a week and put my clinical work to once a week as well. This helped my anxiety, however it really hurt my bank account.

So randomly one day when I was looking for online jobs, this link popped up!

Earning Points for printing and USING coupons that already save me money at the store, earning Points for answering questions and I can do so much more while I am at home!

I finally had enough Points after signing up to get $75 at Home Depot which my husband laughed at…until the gift card worked! Now he encourages me and even helps out with the couponing, ha!

MyPoints has given me a sense of purpose again and that I am contributing to my marriage while having the freedom to spent time with my family.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Christine! In appreciation, we’ve added 1,500 Points to your account.

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