New ways to earn with MyPoints Shop!

Love taco Tuesday but worry about your diet? Mr. Tortilla creates a healthy yet affordable tortilla for people, without sacrificing flavor.  Shop now and earn 5 Points per dollar.

Get wine, liquor and beer straight to your door with Minibar Delivery. Minibar Delivery partners with local liquor stores to offer you the easiest way to lift your “spirits.” Plus earn 275 Points.

Founder Audrey Mcloghlin built Grayson to do more than just create the perfect button-up. A female-led, female-run company, Grayson uses its superpowers to lift women up, working with female-led organizations that have a mission to help other women and has donated over $150,000 to women-led causes. Shop now and earn 4 Points per dollar.

At Elite Baby, baby safety is the number 1 priority. In addition to baby-proofing locks and guards, Elite Baby offers baby swaddles, changing pads, diaper bags and more. Plus earn 9 Points per dollar!

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