Tuesday Tips: How to Get the Most out of MyPoints Surveys

MyPoints partners with third party market researchers to provide survey opportunities for its members. The data and feedback you provides these companies with valuable assistance in product development, marketing strategies and in other areas of their businesses.

While surveys are a great way to earn rewards, they can cause issues for some members. Here are some tips to improve your survey experience:

  1. Make sure you fill out your survey profile and keep it up-to-date! Filling out your profile helps us to target you with the most relevant surveys thus increasing your chances for qualifying for and completing them. Also, you get 5 Points for every 10 profile questions you complete when updating your profile!
  2. Choose your surveys wisely. Your survey page allows you to sort surveys by highest Points or shortest time. Survey times, however, are estimates and it may take more or less time to complete the survey, so allow for some “wiggle room” and make sure you have enough time set aside to finish the survey. Also, while members are awarded 5 Points if disqualified for up to 5 surveys per day, please note that surveys marked withoffer no disqualification Points even if you have less than 5 DQs.
  3. Not every survey will result in a completion. Market researchers sometimes have very specific demographics that they are targeting, so it’s possible you will be screened out before having a chance to complete the survey. Or it’s possible that they have met their quota for the demographic you fall into.
  4. The screening process may seem repetitive. Although filling out your profile helps us to match you with the most relevant survey opportunities, the survey itself does not have access to your MyPoints profile data–hence, the screening process. In some case, you may screen out of the initial opportunity and a router will look for additional surveys that you may qualify for. This may result in your being asked the same questions multiple times as the screening data is not retained from the previous survey opportunity.
  5. Answer questions honestly and accurately! Given the importance these companies place in the data, it is vital that the data we collect is accurate and reflective of the population being surveyed. To ensure that the answers provided are truthful and reflect the participant’s considered opinion or real-life circumstances, the surveys may include questions designed to test the participant’s attention to detail.
  6. Take your time. Not reading questions carefully, or choosing answers haphazardly, can lead to unreliable data. Researchers will include “quality control questions” which require a specific answer choice be selected so that they may identify and eliminate participants whose answers indicate that they are not fully engaged in the survey process.
  7. Take note of the survey number. If you run into issues with a survey or feel you completed a survey but were not credited the Points, find the survey in your Activity Ledger to submit a request to our Member Services team.

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