Tuesday Tips: How do I make sure my coupon prints credit?

If you are having issues receiving Points for printing Coupons.com grocery coupons, try these tips to see if they resolve your problem:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your MyPoints account before printing your coupons. If you share a device with another MyPoints member or are not signed into your account, there is no way to identify the print transaction back to your account.
  2. You must also have tracking and cookies enabled in your browser in order to be credited for printing coupons. To enable cookies in your browser, check out this article by Digital Trends. MyPoints needs to track your activity in order to reward you for it, so also make sure no ad blockers are running in addition to having cookies and tracking enabled.

3. If you are having issues with being credited for coupon prints, it could also be that the device you use to print MyPoints grocery coupons is associated directly with Coupons.com or with another Coupons.com affiliate. Coupons.com used to require installation of their coupon printer driver in order to track and reward coupon redemptions, but now uses a mobile verification process to ensure each coupon printing account is associated with a real user.

If you mobile verified directly with Coupons.com or via another program that offers rewards for coupons, then your device is associated with that program instead of MyPoints and unfortunately cannot earn coupon printing or redemption Points via our program.

4. Your coupon prints will be credited only via the Grocery Coupons page on MyPoints. If you print directly from Coupons.com or another source (like the Coupon Print Club offer from AdGate Media under MyPoints Deals), you will not receive credit for your coupon prints.

5. Coupon print reporting is provided to MyPoints from Coupons.com. If your transactions aren’t included in their reporting, then you will not receive Points. If this is the case, it may be due to a tracking issue as outlined above. There may also be issues with Coupons.com in which case, follow the steps outlined in step 8 to alert customer service to the issue.

6. Coupon print Points are awarded the business day following printing; Monday prints will be credited on Tuesday, Friday – Sunday prints credited on Mondays, etc. If there is an increased award for printing, e.g.; double Points, the additional Bonus Points will post as a separate item in your account statement.

7. If you have issues being credited for Coupon prints, we advise members not to set this optional activity as a goal for the 7-Day Challenge.

8. If you have followed all the steps listed above and are still not receiving credit for your coupon prints, contact our Member Services team. If the issue is that your printing credit is less than the number you actually printed, submit your request via your Activity Ledger. If you have received NO credit so that the transaction isn’t even showing in your ledger, contact Member Services via this form.

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