Tuesday Tips: 7-Day Challenge Bonus

Here are some things to know about the bonus award for the 7-Day Challenge:

  • The bonus is based on the goals you set before starting your Challenge
    • If you exceed your goals, the bonus remains the same
    • If you do not complete your goals, you earn no bonus.
  • You can claim your bonus as soon as you complete your goals
    • As soon as your progress tracker reflects goals have been met, an orange Claim Bonus button should appear at the top of the Challenge page
    • Bonus Points must be claimed, they are not awarded automatically
  • You have five days after the Challenge period ends to claim your Bonus.
    • Once the Challenge ends, your Progress Tracker will disappear.
    • You can navigate to your Progress Tracker and access the Claim Bonus button by clicking See past goals link at top of page and choosing any date during the Challenge period.
  • If you complete your goals and have not yet claimed your Bonus, you should receive an email notifying you on the Monday following the end of the Challenge. If you still do not claim your Bonus, another email will remind you to do so on Thursday.

For more details on claiming your 7-Day Challenge Bonus Points, see this blog post.

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