October 2023 Rewarding Moment

This month’s Rewarding Moment comes from Bernie Newman who joined MyPoints in October 2001 (22 years–whooohoo!).

His favorite way to earn are surveys and games.

This is his story:

“I have to say I have been a proud MyPoints member for over 20 years!

I have to say that while I am very happy with the gift cards available today, my most rewarding moment(s) has to be from the early 2000’s.

I know I am dating myself, but back then Blockbuster was really big and I would use my Points for Blockbuster gift cards. We had small kids back then and watching movie at home on DVD, or dare I say VCR, was an economical treat and way to keep everyone occupied.

I would say that I had stockpiled so many gift cards that months would go by before we actually had to pay for a movie!

Today, I get Apple cards and use them for games and movies, and it is the same feeling. I really love MyPoints and thank them for all the wonderful times they helped us have! Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of us at Blockbuster, but here’s a picture of my daughter and I at ComicCon in 2018! Thanks!”

Thanks Bernie for sharing your story and for sticking with MyPoints for almost 22 years now. In appreciation, we’ve added 3,950 Points to your account.

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