Tuesday Tips: When will I get my Points for making a purchase?

Shopping is the quickest way to build up your Point balance! Here are some tips for making sure you receive your Points for making purchases via MyPoints:

Make sure you go through MyPoints before you make an online purchase. We have Point offers for over 1,900 online retailers, but you must click through via MyPoints prior to making your purchase. You can do this:

  1.  Via a BonusMail offer for the merchant
  2. Via the merchant’s MyPoints page (use the Shop search at the top of every page to find the merchant’s MyPoints page or click Shop and select “All Stores” to view the complete listing of MyPoints shopping partners).
  3. Via our Score! browser extension

Make sure you do not click on other sites or extension pop-ups before completing your purchase or you could overwrite MyPoints tracking which would cause your purchase not to be credited.

On each MyPoints’ merchant page, please check for terms and conditions. These specify exclusions that would affect Point eligibility. Please note that exclusions are determined by the merchant, not MyPoints.

Once you’ve completed your purchase, your Points should post in pending status usually within 24 – 48 hours. Some merchants do not report purchases until the order has shipped and travel merchants may take up to 60 days after travel is completed.

Some Discover/MyPoints Deal offers may take 30 days for Points to be awarded. Please check offer terms for details.

After Points are awarded, they will be in pending status for 31 days. After they unpend, they will be available for redemption.

Purchases that are canceled, returned or exchanged will cause Points to be reversed.

If you do not receive your purchase Points, please allow 32 days from date of purchase and then submit a request to our Customer Service team. Once your ticket is submitted, you will receive an auto-response. You must reply to the ticket to reopen it and get it assigned to an agent who can assist with resolving the issue.

For more details on how to prevent Point crediting issues and make sure you get your purchase Points, check out this video.


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