Rewarding Moments: June 6, 2019

Book and coconut oolong te

This week’s Rewarding Moment comes to us from Nadia Quainoo of Toledo, OH who joined MyPoints in September 2017.

“I first came to MyPoints through a post I saw on Facebook in 2017 on how to earn additional income. As a college student who was barely getting by living from paycheck to paycheck, this helped me tremendously. I would use the gift cards I earned to offset my income by buying toiletries online and picking them up in store or buying through Amazon and having them delivered. 

I loooooveee to read but as we all know books can be expensive, especially when you buy multiple a month. It definitely adds up.

My most rewarding moment courtesy of MyPoints was being able to buy a book I had read so many good reviews on. I redeemed points on MyPoints for an Amazon gift card and bought the book. I waited with anticipation for the book to come and after a very hectic week of finals, one Saturday morning, I went to my favorite hangout. I bought myself a cup of coconut oolong tea, and read the book made possible by MyPoints and had a very relaxing morning.”

Thanks for sharing your rewarding moment, Nadia! We’ve added 1,500 Points to your account towards your next book binge.

For details on how to share your rewarding moment and get 1,500 Points, check out this post!

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