Rewarding Moments: January 9, 2020

Member Annie Miller with brother, granddaughter and daughter at Outback

This week’s Rewarding Moment comes to us from member since March 2012, Annie Miller. Here is her story:

“I live in an a small east Texas town called Shelbyville.  I first found MyPoints by just scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, and decided to see what it was all about.  I am so glad that I did!!  In March of 2020, I will celebrate my 8th anniversary of being a member.  To this point, I have amassed almost 408,000 points!   Wow, and what a difference they’ve made for me.

You see, I am a retired teacher and I quickly learned that living on less than half my salary was going to be challenging and I was always accustomed to doing little special things for family, friends, and those in need of a special blessing, but with my reduced income and still having my same living expenses, I was not sure how I could make the transition and still do for others as I enjoyed doing. 

It became apparent, though, as I began earning Points – participating in everything that I could with MyPoints. And for the necessities that I needed, I started buying them online and ensuring that I was buying from retailers who supported MyPoints. I’m thinking that was a winner for all of us – the merchants, MyPoints, and me!

Then, last year, my daughter’s husband walked out on her and my granddaughter, and although she has a good job, she was struggling now having to pay all of her bills on her one salary.  There was no room for little extras – shopping, movies, and Christmas purchases for my granddaughter. 

I began to use lots of those accumulated Points and redeem for gift certificates. Christmas 2019, I was able to provide $350 in gift certificates for her to shop with because I had redeemed them and held onto them and presented them to her in November. 

I was also able to accumulate and redeem enough gift certificates to take my daughter, granddaughter, my handicapped brother, and myself out to a delicious Christmas eve dinner at one of our favorite restaurants – Outback. (I only had to pay the tip on a $125 meal for us

There have also been other little treats that I was able to provide throughout the year such as trips to the movies and a dinner at my granddaughter’s favorite place – Buffalo Wild Wings.  I’ve also been able to help them with Bath and Body Works certificates, as well as other places, too.  I was also able to share some gift cards with others who had a need a couple of times.     

So, you can see that MyPoints has been a blessing to me, and in turn, has allowed me to be a blessing to my family by helping them out during a difficult financial time that I could not have done without my MyPoints earnings. Thank you to MyPoints for being a great way to easily earn rewards and help me help others.  I’m sending a picture of my daughter and granddaughter and my brother and I as we are about to enjoy our Christmas eve dinner. And, again, thank you so much!”

Thank you, Annie, for being a loyal member! We’ve added 1,500 Points to your account in appreciation for you sharing your story with us.

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