What happened with MyPoints Monthly Goals?

As we announced at the beginning of June, the June Monthly Goals was the final Monthly Goals promotion for MyPoints. Since members had until the 5th of the following month to claim their bonus, we kept the page up to allow participants a chance to collect their Points.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused as a number of you attempted to submit goals for July despite the announcement that June was the last month to do so.

Although we are not offering this bonus opportunity again for the foreseeable future, we have plans to launch new and exciting ways to earn more Points, like the MyPoints Daily Goal where you can accumulate bonus Points for each day you meet your goal and earn up to 300 Bonus Points for completing streaks within the month.

So while we bid a fond farewell to Monthly Goals which attracted tens of thousands of MyPoints members each month, we look forward to fun and rewarding promotions which will be coming your way soon!

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