Tuesday Tips: Why Didn’t I Get Points for a Survey I Completed?

We’ve posted about how to earn Points with MyPoints Surveys previously–but what happens if you complete a survey and don’t get the promised Points?

There could be several reasons why you are disqualified after finishing a survey:

  1. It’s possible that by the time you completed the survey, the quota for your particular demographic had been filled and so the survey provider disqualified you.
  2. Sometimes survey providers include questions that ensure the survey taker is paying attention and providing correct answers. If you answer one of these questions incorrectly because you were speeding through the survey or not paying close attention, it could cause a late disqualification.
  3. In some cases, you may complete the survey and still not be awarded the Points due to an error in how the survey was set up.

In examples 1 and 3, we realize that it’s very frustrating to finish a survey and not be rewarded for your time. If you feel you have been disqualified in error or were not awarded the promised Points after completing a survey, please feel free to submit a request to our Customer Service team.

Prior to submitting your request, it’s helpful to our team to know which survey caused the issue. You will want to navigate back to the original browser tab to find the Survey ID of the survey you were taking but didn’t earn Points for:

Also note the Points offered for completion.

Navigate to our Help Center using the dropdown menu next to your name and select the Surveys topic. Pick any article under this topic (“How do I earn from Surveys? is s good one) and then click the “Still Need Help?” button to submit your request to Customer Service.

Fill out the form with as much detail as possible including the Survey ID, any error messages you received, details about your experience and attach screenshots if possible. The more information you are able to provide our team, the more likely we are able to fix the issue for members taking that survey in the future.

When you submit your request, you’ll be presented with options for articles which may or may not be relevant to your issue. Just click the “No, I still want help” button and allow our Member Services team up to 7 days to address your issue (although most requests are handled much more quickly!).

Please note, that while we are happy to make adjustments to your account for missing Points, these adjustments will not mark off survey completion activities but will count towards your Daily Goal.

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