9 Great Educational Apps to Know for Kids

Updated March 6, 2021

At MyPoints, we love sharing ways you can earn money for the things that you’re already doing online on your laptop or your smartphone. 

We love providing you with great ways to earn directly on MyPoints, helping you earn points and rewards for shopping, printing and redeeming coupons, playing games and more. 

But in addition to money making apps, we wanted to share with you some other learning-centric apps that can help save you money and simplify your life. And you and your kids will have fun.

Whether your kids are going back to school full-time, part-time, or are going to be 100% remote learning, there are lots of great FREE apps to check out.

Here are the best apps to help you get ready for Back to School this fall.

1. Create free flashcards and games with gFlash.

Turn your notes from a Google doc or Excel spreadsheet into multiple choice quizzes, flash cards, and other interactive learning activities. 

2. Make nutrition fun with Lala Lunchbox.

This cute meal-planning app loops in kids when it comes to planning their lunches. Kids learn how to make smart, nutritious choices about what to eat. They can use colors, sounds, and yes, even monsters, to pick from different options like veggies, fruits, grains, and other snacks. After they’ve built a balanced meal, they can save the lunch to their meal library. And they add different lunch picks or requests to the family grocery list.

3. Track all of your assignments and projects with MyHomeWorkApp

If you’re like me, a spiral planner doesn’t cut it. Too easy to get lost or forget to record things. MyHomeWorkApp is a great digital homework and assignment planner. Easily and instantly access all assignments, upcoming due dates, test dates, study reminders, and more. 

4. PBS Kids is a great source for educational apps for learners of all ages.

Look through all their great, free options and find the best ones for your grade level. You can find apps that are themed around kids’ special interests (soccer, dinosaurs, college prep) or their favorite PBS cartoon character to make it even more fun. 

5. WordWagon is a great app for beginning readers.

It’s designed for learners pre-school through first grade, but really it’s for any beginning reader. The app has fun activities and lessons to learn letters, phonemics, phonics, and spelling.  

6. Teach kids to code with Tynker

Kids as young as 4 can start learning how to code. Learners from age 4 to high school (or older) can learn this skill with age appropriate lessons and games. 

7. Photomath is an amazing app that makes learning math easier.

Students can take pictures of handwritten problems with their device camera, and Photomath will (magically) give you the answer and the step-by-step process for how the solution is reached. It has a unique ability to read handwriting and come up with the solution(s) for any math problem, ranging from arithmetic to trigonometry. 

8. Rock the latest styles on the cheap with Kidizen.

Kidizen is an online marketplace for parents selling their kids’ old clothing and other kids’ items. Most items are gently used, but you can find a range from “play” to brand new with tags. Find jeans, pants, tops, dresses, jackets, backpacks, books, and more. You’ll find a range of prices, including some really great deals.  

9. Clear out your kids’ closets with ThredUp.

Empty out outgrown (or rejected) kids’ clothing. They’ll send you a box (prepaid) for you to send in the items you want to purge.  And as the items sell, you’ll earn a portion of the sale. You can reuse the funds to buy more goodies on ThredUp, cash out the funds, or choose to donate your earnings to charity. So easy. 

These are 9 great, free apps to check out that will simplify back to school this fall, whether it’s back to school in a physical classroom or at the dining room table. 

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