Tuesday Tips: How many times can I complete a Magic Receipts offer?

In-Store Deals make grocery shopping trips more rewarding, allowing member to earn up to 5,100 Points for purchasing specific products and uploading the receipt.

How many times can you complete an In-Store offer and earn Points? Can I buy multiple quantities of an item and earn Points for each on the receipt?

For answers to these questions, you can refer to the specific offer for details. Some offers will require a purchase of multiple quantities in order to earn the maximum Points. Others allow for repeat purchases within a certain time frame.

When you click on an In-Store offer, terms regarding how many times the offer can be redeemed will be displayed on the left:

In the example above, you can earn Points for this offer once per month. Also in order to earn the stated 1,020 Points, you must purchase TWO at Walmart.

When you expand the fine print, you can verify which specific products are eligible for the Point award:

Also, the details specific the additional 1,020 Point Bonus for purchasing two Tidy Cat cat litter products AND Friskies by Purina can only be earned once.

Make sure to read all the details so you know:

  1. what products are eligbile
  2. what quantity you need to purchase
  3. what retailer(s) you need to make the purchase from
  4. what the deadline is to upload your receipt
  5. how many times the offer can be completed
  6. and what the timeframe is for multiple completions

To avoid having your receipt rejected, check out this blog post on common reasons why this happens.

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