Tuesday Tips: How to Submit a Winning Rewarding Moments entry

Each week, we select a Rewarding Moment submitted by one of our members to feature on the blog.

The member whose story is chosen is awarded 1,500 Points!

Although we’ve written a blog post which outlines the entry requirements and created a form to allow members to easily submit their stories, we thought it would be a good idea to provide some helpful tips to maximize your chances in your story being selected.

  1. DO provide a publishable photo that depicts your rewarding moment. This is a photo of you or taken by you that you are comfortable with sharing. Do NOT submit stock photos, screenshots or catalog photos. Also, horizontal photos are preferable.
  2. DO be specific. You may have earned many rewards from MyPoints, but we want to hear about one that made a difference in your life. Tell us how you used your MyPoints reward to create a memorable Rewarding Moment!
  3. DON’T be brief. Tell us a story. Whether it was the ability to get that special someone a Christmas gift you didn’t think you’d be able to afford or using your rewards to help fund the vacation of a lifetime, we want to hear every detail. If your story is too short, it will not be selected.
  4. DON’T be repetitious. We have a minimum character count to allow you to tell your story. Please don’t use that to type nonsense and filler just to make the minimum. We read each story and choose those that are authentic and compelling.
  5. PLEASE NOTE: Entries that do not meet requirements will be ineligible for consideration and deleted.

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