Tuesday Tips: Magic Receipts vs. Everyday Receipts

We’ve made your grocery trips more rewarding by offering Points when you upload your receipt!

You can earn 3 Points for each successfully uploaded receipt from over 1,700 eligible retailers no matter what you purchase. This includes grocery stores, big box and warehouse club stores, drugstores, home improvement retailers, department and clothing stores and fast food and casual dining restaurant.

To earn Points, just upload a legible jpg or png image of your receipt with store name and date plainly visible within 2 weeks of the receipt date via MyPoints Surveys. There’s a cap on the number of everyday receipts one can upload per week, so if the option to upload disappears from your survey page, it’s due to you hitting that cap.

In addition, you can earn even more by purchasing specific items at participating retailers and uploading your receipt via Magic Receipts.

If you’ve purchased a product that was a Magic Receipts offer, you must upload your receipt via the Magic Receipts page in order to be properly credited. Receipts uploaded via the Survey page will receive only the 3 Points no matter what was purchased.

Also, you can only upload your receipt ONCE so you can only be credited as a Magic Receipt or Everyday receipt, not both.

For more details on how magic receipts work, check out this blog post.

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