Tuesday Tips: A New Way to Never Miss Out on Point Perks!

Our Score! browser extension just got even more rewarding! In addition to alerting you when you’re shopping on a MyPoints retail partner site and applying coupons and promo codes at checkout, Score! is also your partner for Point Perks.

Not only can you redeem your Point Perk codes via the Score! extension, but now you can receive notifications for when the Point Perks are released with the Score! extension:

If you have Score! added to your browser, you’ll receive a pop-up notification like the one above when a Point Perk code is active. Just click on the notification link to be taken to the page where the Perk code is located.

Shopping Points, coupon codes and Point Perks all brought to you by the Score! browser extension. If you haven’t added Score! to your browser, download it today and never miss out on Points!

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