Tuesday Tips: FAQs about Point Perks

Point Perks are free Points that MyPoints offers to members–sort of like sprinkles on your ice cream cone of activities.

  • These are free Points available for a limited amount of time. They are not earned or guaranteed. If you miss a Point Perk, please do not contact Member Services but instead try again another day.
  • Point Perks are released generally Monday through Friday for a 2 to 4 hour time period. We try to vary the time frame they are active to accommodate various schedules, but keep in mind MyPoints is located on the west coast, so our business hours are Pacific Time.
  • Point Perks can range from 2 to 5 Points. Again, they are free Points, not earned.
  • Point Perks are announced on our Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as via our mobile app. The posts/notifications for the Perks are published/sent when the code first goes live, but keep in mind MyPoints has not control over when Facebook notifies you via their feed.
  • There are two types of codes: random codes which will be located on a MyPoints page or static codes which will be included within the announcement post. Random codes cannot be shared or reused. Please do not post or share static codes.
  • Announcement posts may include hashtag links. These links do not link to where the code is. Please read the post to locate the link to the MyPoints page where the code resides.
  • For best results, highlight and copy the code (make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces) and paste it into the Point Perk input box.

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