Get Fired up for a $5 Bonus with MyPoints BINGO!

Set sail for an easy Bonus with BINGO: Earn up to 750 Bonus Points for US members or 250 Points for Canadian members this round!

Pre-registration starts at 8 am PT today, Friday, July 1st and the BINGO Board starts at 8 am PT on Monday, July 4th.

You can join anytime before the submission deadline at 11:59 pm PT on Monday, July 11th, but only activities completed AFTER you join will mark off your BINGO squares.

BINGO activities will include:

  • Clicking through the Board to visit a variety of Shop merchants
  • Visiting a specified merchant and activating the Score! banner
  • Voting in the Daily Poll
  • Adding specific Magic Receipt offers to your shopping list (PRO TIP: You may need to delete and re-add offers to get this square marked off.)

US only

CA only

You must submit your completed pattern by 11:59 pm PT on Monday, July 11th to claim your Bonus.

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